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More than six out of ten of those with high newspaper exposure during childhood are regular readers as adults, compared to only 38 percent of those with no exposure.

What is Literacy Leadership, Inc.?

The Quad-City Times Newspapers in Education (NIE) is a program of Literacy Leadership, Inc.
Literacy Leadership, Inc. is a nationwide non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by Lee Enterprises, Inc.
It’s primary mission is to support the advancement and promotion of literacy initiatives in the communities it serves.  Quad City area efforts have primarily been focused on NIE, but is in development with new partnerships and projects.  All donations are tax deductible

What is NIE?

NIE is an international educational effort that helps teachers and parents use the very latest textbook -their local newspaper – to instruct young people about the world around them, fuel their desire to learn about many topics and encourage a love of reading.

What is the Need?

  • The United Way of the Quad City Area found that over 30% of area students read below grade level. 
  •  Literacy research by the University of Chicago noted, reading represents the major foundational skill for school-based learning, and reading ability is strongly related to opportunities for academic and vocational success.
  • The studies also showed students reading at or above grade level by third grade statistically graduate high school at higher levels and report more success gaining and maintaining employment later in life. 

What is NIE’s Mission? 

Our mission is to help students learn and develop reading and critical thinking skills now and to help them become informed, involved citizens of the future.  We work to provide teachers with an economical, effective and exciting teaching aid – their local newspaper. 

What are NIE’s Goals?

Education – To help students learn and develop reading and critical thinking skills. 
Creating an impact in many educational areas.
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science & Technology
  • And many others…
Community Engagement – To help students become informed, involved citizens of the community and world.
A better educated community.
  • Better school to work skills from our students.
  • Higher employability.
  • More informed voters

How Does NIE Benefit Students and the Community?  

The daily local newspaper is a dynamic textbook that chronicles our times and stimulates young minds.  Think about how the newspaper keeps you informed about world events, the economy and local news.  What you may not realize is the newspaper gives you a daily lesson in geography, economics, math, technology, science and social studies.  It is the most up-to-date textbook available. 

Students from kindergarten to grade 12 discover exciting information about current events, science, and social issues that affect their lives. Using newspapers as teaching elements helps teachers develop competent students in basic skills like reading and math.

The newspaper is an ideal classroom tool because newspapers are timely and relevant. Current affairs come alive, while ads deal with real products, prices and events. Newspapers motivate. There is something in every newspaper to interest every student: comics, sports, ads, photographs and local features. Newspapers are adaptable. Students can read, cut, paste, fold, spindle, tear, color and write on a newspaper … and then recycle it.

Newspapers are just part of NIE. We provide teachers at all levels, from kindergarten to adult education, with the tools to provide new ideas and programs that they can use in the classroom.

  • Free daily access to the Quad-City Times/Muscatine Journal E-edition.
  • Significantly reduced-priced print copies of Quad-City Times/Muscatine Journal.
  • Access to Supplemental Teaching Resources, such as Curriculum, Lesson Plans and more on the website qctimes.info/nie
  • Curriculum tied to Common Core Standards.
  • Access to special content such as NIE Week, Contests and Customized Local Curriculum
  • Classroom workshops, teacher professional development, field trips, workforce development tours
  • Access to daily updates/sharing of ideas on the NIE website, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Research has shown that students who use newspapers as a learning resource, increase reading skills, have a better awareness of the world and their achievement scores are higher.

  • The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Foundation commissioned a study which found that students in schools with at least some NIE program scored 10-30 percent better on standardized testing than students that had no NIE program. 
  • This research also found that students who use newspapers as a learning resource increase their reading skills, have a better awareness of the world and their achievement scores are higher. 
  • In an additional study reported by the NAA, reading skills increased by four grade-levels for students who used newspapers, as compared to those using only traditional methods. 
  • USA Today research found that students, who read the paper in school were 83.2% more likely to vote than those who did not read the paper.

In addition, a study by Dan Sullivan School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota, (Minneapolis, Minnesota) measured the impact of NIE programs in 22 cities across the country. In each city, the study compared schools that used NIE newspapers with those that did not, using the local or state reading test.  The findings concluded:

  • On average, students who use the newspaper in school scored 10 percent higher on standardized reading tests than students who did not.
  • Students who use the newspaper had as much as a 29 percent increase in test scores in schools with a high percentage of low-income, non-English speaking or minority students.
  • In all cases, the more newspapers that were used throughout the year, the greater the gain in test scores.

Students also often describe using newspapers more positively than using traditional textbooks including:

  • 34 percent who say it was more enjoyable
  • 31 percent who say they got more out of it

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