Middle School

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.—Nelson Mandela

General Uses for the newspaper in your classroom:

  • Give your students five minutes and have them go through the newspaper checking off interesting headlines, pictures, ads, features, comics or graphics. Take a few minutes to talk about why the items were checked.
  • Using the television page of the paper, have students select four or five kinds of programs — news, comedy, sports, music videos. Create a graph. Check off “must-see TV” programs for a day or week and put each into a category. Discuss what the results reveal about the kind of programs your students like and how much time they spend watching TV. What are different student’s household rules toward television viewing?
  • Have students look through the advertisement and select a few items they would like to purchase. Using the minimum wage, have students determine how many hours they would have to work to purchase each item.
  • Have your student look through the paper and look for opinions (movie, book, sports reviews) and have them compare their view to the writer’s view.

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