2017 Event Chairpersons

President:  Sherry Roberts

Vice President: Kathy Michel

Secretary:  Sharon Brooks

Treasurer:  Connie Williams

Arts:  Bill Wohlford

Budget & Finance:  Connie Williams

Communications: Kathy Michel and Sherry Roberts

Community Outreach (formerly Humanities): Nancy Rudnick

Education:  Sharon Brooks

Executive:  Sherry Roberts

Financial Review:  Kathy Michel

Governance (formerly By-laws): Kathy Michel

Historian:   Sherry Roberts & Connie Williams

Investments: Connie Williams & Bill Wohlford

Membership:  Sherry Roberts

Nominating:   Bill Wohlford

Publicity: Nancy Rudnick & Kim Nelson

Speakers:  Nancy Rudnick

Strategic Planning: Larry Minard

Travel:   Kim Nelson


Ballgame: Kathy Michel

Bicycle Ride: Larry Minard

Celebration Bell Cruise: Jolane Otto

Dances:   Kathy Michel

Golf:  Bill Wohlford

Picnic:  Kim Nelson & Nancy Rudnick

Senior Expos/Fair:  Nancy Rudnick

Twilight Cruise:  Connie Williams

Walk:  Larry Minard

Website:  Sherry Roberts

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  sherryhirlroberts@gmail.com

See Board of Directors Page for event chairpersons email addresses