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Collette Vacations: Contact Marcia ( 1-800-992-4618 x135)


Multi-day trips show prices for double occupancy.  Single, triple, & quad prices available. 


*March 31-Apr. 6  New York City, $2,360.00 double occupancy with membership, $2,385.00 without. SOLD OUT

*Apr. 25-May 8   Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu, Collette Vacations, $10,649.00 with membership, $10,599.00 without. BASED ON AVAILABILITY.

*May 8-12            Springtime in Amish Country of Northern Indiana, $880.00 with membership, $895.00 without. FEWER THAN 10  SEATS LEFT

May 18-25            California Dreamin’, $3,945.00. CANCELLED

*May 13-14         Cardinals vs. Cubs, Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO, $435.00 with membership, $450.00 without

*June 2-9             Islands of New England, Collette Vacations, $2,839.00 with membership, $2,889.00 without. BASED ON AVAILABILITY

June 15-25           Boston & Cape Cod, $2,465.00 pp for double occupancy

June 26-July 5     Jay Buckley Baseball Tour, $2,395.00 10 OR FEWER SEATS LEFT

July 4-16               Alaska Discovery Land & Cruise, $8,574.00 BASED ON AVAILABILITY

*July 24-29           Upper Michigan & Mackinac Island, $1,455.00 with membership, $1,475.00 without. SOLD OUT

*Aug. 4-12              Colorado Trains, $2,819.00 with membership, $2,854.00 without   SOLD OUT

*Aug. 14-19           Upper Michigan and Mackinac Island #2, $1,455.00 with membership, $1,475.00 without

Aug. 17-30            Spectacular Scandinavia, $6,149.00 BASED ON AVAILABILITY

Aug. 27-31            Walleye Connection Tour, Ballard’s Resorts, $960.00

* Indicates Plus 60 discount price.  Plus 60 # & deposit required at sign-up.

For itineraries and to sign up,  go to  http://www.trailwaystravel.com




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