QCT Plus 60 Multiday Travel Events

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Multi-day trips show prices for double occupancy.  Single, triple, & quad prices available. 


*July 24-29           Upper Michigan & Mackinac Island, $1,455.00 with membership, $1,475.00 without. SOLD OUT

*Aug. 4-12              Colorado Trains, $2,819.00 with membership, $2,854.00 without   SOLD OUT

*Aug. 14-19           Upper Michigan and Mackinac Island #2, $1,455.00 with membership, $1,475.00 without SOLD OUT

Aug. 17-30            Spectacular Scandinavia, $6,149.00 BASED ON AVAILABILITY

Aug. 27-31            Walleye Connection Tour, Ballard’s Resorts, $960.00 CANCELLED

Sept. 19-27         Farewell to Summer in Virginia Beach, $1,350.00 BASED ON AVAILABILITY

*Sept. 29-30         Quilters Escape, Hamilton, MO., $231.00 pp, double occup. with membership; $235.00 without SOLD OUT

Oct. 2-11                Classic Italy By Rail, Mayflower Tours, $4,699.00

*Nov. 13-16          Branson Spectacular, $825 double, and $986 single occupancy.Triples and quads are also available. There is a $25 discount if you are a Plus 60 member.

*Dec. 3-5               Dickens Christmas, Missouri, $365 pp for double, $475 for single, $325 for triple for members; $380 pp for double, $490 for single, $340 for triple for non-members.

*Dec. 4-10             Dixie Christmas, $2,205 pp for single, $1,900 for double, $1860 for triple for non-members; $25 discount for members.

* Indicates Plus 60 discount price.  Plus 60 # & deposit required at sign-up.

For itineraries and to sign up,  go to  http://www.trailwaystravel.com




2 Responses to QCT Plus 60 Multiday Travel Events

  1. Shirley McDaniel says:

    When is the trip to Virginia Beach, Va. going to be advertised?

  2. Sherry Roberts says:

    Plus 60 should be getting notified soon. Trailways sends us the information to put in the newspaper. The details are listed on the Trailways page for Plus 60 tours if you’d like to find it there. http://www.trailwaystravel.com/Tour/Virginia-Beach-QC-Departure

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