QCT Plus 60 One Day Travel


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To Register for Events:

Travel: (877) 822.4440 or  (800) 992-4618 ext. 162


Other: Use forms in paper or call.


When events are sold out, you can be entered on a waiting list in case there are cancellations. Sometimes a second coach is added.


*Dec. 5                  Tinsel and Twang, Utica, IL ($96.00 with membership) SOLD OUT

*Dec. 8                 Winter Wonderettes, Amana, IA ($98.00 with membership) FEW SEATS LEFT

*Dec. 14               Downtown Chicago Shopping ($65.00 with membership) SOLD OUT


*Feb. 16               Chicago Auto Show ($65.00 with membership)

*Feb. 21               Dueling Pianos, Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, IL, ($98.00 with membership)

*March 8            Mamma Mia!, Peoria, IL ($150.00 with membership)

*March 23          Chicago Flower Show, Chicago, IL ($80.00 with membership)

*March 27           New American Songbook ($98.00 with membership)

*April 7                International Quilt Festival, Rosemont, IL $80.00 with membership, $84.00 without)

*May 8                 Tribute to Dean Martin ($98.00 with membership)

*May 22              Nashville Connection, Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, IL ($98.00 with membership)

*June 28             Hamilton, An American Musical, PrivateBank Theater, Chicago, IL ($191.00 with membership) SOLD OUT

*Nov. 6               Nightclub in the Afternoon, Starved Rock, Utica, IL ($98.00 with membership, $102 without)

* Dec. 11              Pop Rock & Soul Christmas, Starved Rock, Utica, IL ($98.00 with membership, $102.00 without)






2 Responses to QCT Plus 60 One Day Travel

  1. Barbara Pestka says:

    Any possibility of getting more tickets for Hamilton??

  2. Sherry Roberts says:

    I think Trailways will keep trying. They’ve managed to secure tickets for two separate dates, which sold out immediately.

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