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To Register for Events:

Travel: (877) 822.4440 or  (800) 992-4618 ext. 162


Other: Use forms in paper or call.


When events are sold out, you can be entered on a waiting list in case there are cancellations. Sometimes a second coach is added.


July 28                  Singin’ in the Rain, Fireside Theater, Ft. Atkinson, WI ($145.00) SOLD OUT

*July 29                Seattle Mariners vs Chicago Cubs, Chicago, IL ($120.00 with membership)

*Aug. 9 & 10        Patsy Cline Tribute, Utica, IL ($96.00 with membership) SOLD OUT ON 8/10

*Aug. 12                St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs ($118.00 with membership) SOLD OUT

*Aug. 17                 Iowa State Fair ($64.00 with membership)

*Aug. 22                Elvis Presley, King of Rock & Roll Tribute, Utica, IL ($96.00 with membership) SOLD OUT

*Aug. 27                Having Fun in Van Buren County (Iowa), ($119.00 with membership)

*Sept. 8                 Grease, Amana, IA ($98.00 with membership)

*Sept. 16               Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs, $92.00 with membership SOLD OUT

*Sept. 18               NASCAR @ Chicagoland Speedway ($170.00 with membership)

*Sept. 22              Canal Boat & Trolley Tour, Utica, IL ($109.00 with membership)

* Sept. 23             St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs ($92.00 with membership) SOLD OUT

*Sept. 23              Warrens Cranberry Festival, Warrens, Wisconsin ($85.00 with membership)

*Oct. 9                  Galena Country Fair ($59.00 with membership)30050063840010

*Oct. 13                Wine & Shopping! Utica, IL ($89.00 with membership)

*Oct. 20                Nana’s Naughty Knickers, Amana, IA ($98.00 with membership)

*Nov. 3                  Fireside Christmas, Fireside Theater, Ft. Atkinson, WI ($145.00 with membership)

*Nov. 7                  Doug Brewin as Alan Jackson, Utica, IL ($99.00 with membership)

*Nov. 19               Iowa vs. Illinois Football in Champaign, IL, ($129.00 with membership)

*Dec. 5                  Tinsel and Twang, Utica, IL ($96.00 with membership)

*Dec. 8                 Winter Wonderettes, Amana, IA ($98.00 with membership)

*Dec. 14               Downtown Chicago Shopping ($65.00 with membership)





10 Responses to QCT Plus 60 One Day Travel

  1. Ronald Blatchley says:

    2 for the dec. 5 cristmas trip. Iam a member of 60 plus

  2. Sherry Roberts says:

    What trip are you interested in?

  3. Donna says:

    With the move from the Fort Madison, Iowa prison, I was wondering if the authorities had considered hosting tours and, if so, would Trailways be interested?

  4. Sherry Roberts says:

    I will direct your suggestion to Burlington Trailways to see if they are interested.

  5. Robert Reiter says:

    Would like some information on the Nov.3 Trip for Fireside Christymas, Fireside Theater, Ft.Atkinson, WI.

    Thank you

    Bob Reiter

  6. Sherry Roberts says:
      Other than the date and place, the details haven’t been released yet. When they are, I’ll send them to you. If you need to know right away you can email nfritz@burlingtontrailways.com.
  7. Jill Jellison says:

    Does all of your group have to be 60 or older? We are both in our sixities, but would like to take our sons to a cubs game.

  8. Sherry Roberts says:

    Our membership age is actually 55, regardless of the name of our group. Yes, members may bring guests at the regular price, which is usually a few dollars higher than the members’ price. We hope you bring your sons on a trip or to an event.

  9. Robert Steinman says:

    What happened to 2 or 3 golf outing attended by Plus 60’s members? Thought they were successful and fun. /////Also a cheese tour of southern WI and factory tour and retail outlet? Beer stubbe /brewery in New Glarus is worth a stop.

  10. Sherry Roberts says:

    We had the 2-person golf outing on June 1, and we have 4-person golf outing scheduled for Monday, Aug. 8, at Hidden Hills Golf Course. A registration form will be available in the Sunday Times this week or next week. I will pass along your suggestion to Trailways who provide our transportation. I agree that a trip to southern Wisconsin and New Glarus would be nice.

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