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These descriptions of trips and seminars are from the Plus 60 pages in the Quad City Times. If a trip is sold out, please contact Trailways to be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations.  Sometimes additional coaches or trips are added if possible.


*Take Yourself Out To the Ballgames! Chicago Cub Ballgames, May 25 – September 17 (Prices vary per game; Plus 60 members get $4.00 off per game.)

If there were such a word as “funnest” in the dictionary, I would definitely use it to describe what the Plus 60 Club and Trailways Travel has available for you this summer!   How excited would you be to learn of THIRTEEN special opportunities to see the World Champion Cubs play at Wrigley Field?

Well, that is exactly what might trip your trigger, or float your boat, or whatever, if you call soon and get your reservations in for the teams you want to see play! Listed below are the different games (and prices) with seats currently available. I should not have to tell you that the sooner you call, the more likely you will score a seat.

Travel protection is available, so inquire about it when you call. Pick-ups for these games are offered at both at CASI in Davenport, and also in Muscatine.

Giants vs Cubs                      May 25                         $115 SOLD OUT

Cardinals vs Cubs                 June 3                           $155 SOLD OUT

Rockies vs Cubs                    June 9                           $135 SOLD OUT

Pirates vs Cubs                      July 7                            $145 10 OR FEWER SEATS

Cardinals vs Cubs                 July 21                          $150 SOLD OUT

Nationals vs Cubs                 August 4                       $140 SOLD OUT

Reds vs Cubs                        August 17                     $120

Brewers vs Cubs                 September 8                 $120

Cardinals vs Cubs               September 15               $150

Cardinals vs Cubs                 September 16               $150

Cardinals vs Cubs                 September 17               $150

Call Trailways Travel right away at 1-877-822-4440 and reserve your seat for these games. And, as always, if you are a Plus 60 Club member, you will get a $4.00 discount.   Peanuts and hotdogs will be available!

*Islands of New England, June 2-9 ($2,839.00 with member discount) BASED ON AVAILABILITY

The Plus 60 Club and Trailways Travel is very excited to present a preview of what promises to be a real island hopping experience!   No, we are not talking about Hawaii, although that could certainly be on another agenda,  but we thought the Islands of New England would offer up a unique new experience of sights, scenery, eats, and shops.

The trip is planned for June 2–9, 2017, the most perfect time to visit the Northeast!  This 8 day tour includes 11 meals:  7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 3 dinners.  Also included is round-trip air from Moline, and all hotel transfers.

Day 1:  Fly to Providence, Rhode Island

Day 2:  We start with a tour of  “America’s Renaissance City”, Providence.  We then depart for Newport, the “Yachting Capital of the East”.  You will  easily imagine what some call “America’s Gilded Age” as you make your way along Ocean Drive to Bellevue Avenue.  There you will see eleven extraordinary mansions, built in the 1800s.  Known to their owners as “summer cottages”, seven of the eleven homes have been designated National Historic Landmarks.  You will tour the awe inspiring Marble House, the home of the William Vanderbilts.

Day 3:  Depart Providence for historic Boston.  You will experience the real feel of Yankee charm as you tour Beacon Hill, the Old South Meeting House, and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  You can also enjoy leisure time by walking along the famed Freedom Trail, a 2 ½ mile walking path, which takes you through the center of Boston’s historic sites.

Day 4:  Today you will relive traditions from the days of old as we head to Plymouth, Mass.  Beginning with a tour of a New England cranberry bog, you will learn about dry harvesting from a local grower.  Then, taking a step back in time, we will visit Plymouth – that’s where the Pilgrims landed in 1620.  Remember  Plymouth Rock?  Able to see for yourself this legendary site, you may also   board a true replica of the Mayflower.  You can’t help but be amazed, or perhaps appalled, at seeing the ship 102 Pilgrims traveled on during their 65 day trip from England!  You will visit Plimoth Plantation,  a 17th century re-creation of an original  village.  During  our lunch you will get to “eat like a pilgrim” while enjoying a true Thanksgiving feast.  It will provide a unique opportunity to sample   old time recipes while learning some customs and etiquette from  the pilgrim  of that time. Later we will arrive at our beachfront hotel, our relaxing home for the next four nights!

Day 5:  Catch a glimpse of the Camelot era as we travel through Hyannisport, home of the Kennedy compound.  Our time there will  include a visit to the poignant Kennedy Memorial.  Hold on to your hats as we next board the high speed ferry to Nantucket!  Once there you will explore the idyllic island, from cobblestone streets to the beaches and lighthouses.  This is an area which truly lives up to its reputation.  You will have a living experience of being in a post card as you see all the sailboats and yachts swaying on their tethers in the harbor.  It is beauty that can’t be defined.  Also, for those who may like to shop for something different,  the famous Nantucket Baskets and scrimshaw knives are  available in some specialty shops.  Tonight you will have a delicious dinner while enjoying a cooking demonstration featuring a local specialty.

Day 6:  Today a ferryboat transports you to Martha’s Vineyard, an area occupied by celebrities, artists, presidents, royalty, artists, and some more normal people.  A local guide will point out the highlights of the area, which includes things like gingerbread styled cottages, homes with widow’s walks, and sea captain’s homes.  The Vineyard was once a famous whaling port.  Later we will cruise back to Cape Cod, and tonight we will explore Falmouth, a wonderful shopping and dining haven that everyone will enjoy.

Day 7: We will travel to Provincetown, located on the tip of the Cape.  This famous artist colony is well known for its crafts and seagoing flair.  The choice is yours – you may set out on a whale watching cruise of Cape Cod Bay, or perhaps you would rather embark on a scenic adventure through the iconic sand dunes. Tonight concludes our New England adventure as you indulge in a traditional seafood and lobster feast, with extra butter, please.

Day 8:  We sadly leave this beautiful area of the country and return home.  Thankfully, our memories of this trip will remain with us forever.

If your appetite is whetted for this once in a lifetime tour, please call Trailways Travel at 877-822-4440 for a more detailed itinerary along with cost information.

Two Person Preferred Ball Golf Outing, , Hidden Hills, Bettendorf, IA, Monday, June 5, 8:00 a.m., $35.00 per person, $70 per couple.

If you are a golfer and you have a friend who has a decent putter, you might want to check this out. We have convinced the Hidden Hills folks to book us for 18 holes on June 5. We will tee off at 8 AM and play the preferred ball until winners are established. We will play in flights so can award more prizes. Remember last year, we were not allowed to have fun? Not so in 2017. We are planning on beverage and donuts at check-in, lots of prizes, great weather, and –—. We had so much fun with the gals last year that we are going to add a prize that is for “Women Only”. If that’s sexist, then send an email to the bureau of Politically Correct somewhere near the North Pole.   Address it to Don. It was his idea.

Of course there’s a string attached. You have to fill out another form found in the Sunday Times or on another page of this website.  Find someone who is willing to play with you. Write in the names of your two-some (legibly), enclose a check for $35 for each player ($13 if you are a member at Hidden Hills) include the other stuff and send it to Lou at Plus 60, 4175 31st St. Apt. 2D, Bettendorf, IA 52722-7206. Remember to put a stamp on it. We will take care of the rest. Just relax and sharpen up your math skills for score keeping.

*Joliet Murder Mystery in the Mansion, Luncheon, Joliet, IL, Wednesday, June 7 ($141.00 for members, $145.00 for non-members)

Was it Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, or was it really The Butler who did it?? I know we have all watched these who-done-its on television, and played the game of Clue, but have you ever thought what fun it would be to actually participate in one?

Here, at last, is your opportunity! The Plus 60 Club and Trailways Travel is offering a one day trip to Joliet, Illinois on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, where you can have an afternoon of fun, suspense and intrigue.

We will be boarding our deluxe motorcoach and traveling to famous Jacob Henry Mansion in Joliet, Illinois. Upon arrival you’ll enjoy a personalized lunch mystery. The best is yet to come when the killer is actually one of the group! Everyone becomes involved to solve the “Mystery in the Mansion”!

After lunch, if it wasn’t you who was hauled off to jail, you will enjoy a historical talk and a self-guided tour of the Jacob Henry Mansion and the Old Central Church. Built in 1873, the mansion is a Historical National Landmark and is well known for its beauty and Old Victorian charm.

We’ll then travel to the Rialto Square Theatre where you’ll be treated to a tour of one of the ten most beautiful theaters in the world! The Rialto is a beautifully restored 1920’s Vaudeville Theater. As a special treat you will be given a back stage tour and a mini organ concert on the Barton Grande Theater Organ. This is definitely a unique opportunity.

On the way home we will enjoy a stop at Gji’s Sweet Shoppe, an old fashioned shop that features gourmet popcorn, nostalgic candies, ice cream, and hard to find soda pop! That doesn’t sound at all bad, does it?

The cost for this unique experience is only $145.00, and you can participate if you call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 for your reservation. This one will fill quickly as it is so unusual. Be sure to ask for your Plus 60 discount if you are a member!

Plus 60 Picnic, Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Davenport, IA, Thursday, June 15, 3-8 p.m.$12.00

Are you looking to meet some new friends and to surround yourself with fun individuals who enjoy going on trips and attending various events throughout the year? This is your chance to meet like-minded seniors ages 55 and up. We know that you have heard about the Plus 60 Club, and, if you are not a current member, this is your opportunity to come see what we are all about.

We are hosting this year’s picnic at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 3 – 8 P.M., and are hoping you will join us for this event! Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring a friend or partner to come and join in the fun!

Last year’s annual picnic was revamped and was a huge success! This year we hope to improve on it as well. In addition to having a wonderful catered meal featuring fried chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits and dessert(from Whitey’s), we will also be having a night of gaming and dancing that will encourage everyone to socialize and get to know one another. Card games such as Euchre, Spades, Rummy, etc. will be offered. If cards are not one of your interests, we will also offer popular games such as Trivia, Sudoku, word games, and perhaps even Speed Meeting!

The musical entertainment will get you to put on your dancing shoes for sure, or you can just sing along to the songs we all know from the 60’s, 70’s, and newer. The well-known, popular classic rock and roll band, The Night People, are going to perform all of our favorites! We hope to see even more of you on the dance floor this year.

The picnic will be a great time for all as it will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with other people who have the same interests as you, and, at the same time, learn about what the QCT Plus 60 Club has to offer.

Tickets for this event are $12.00 each, and include beverage tickets for your choice of water, beer, and pop. Please do not bring in any coolers or your own beverages.

The QCT Plus 60 Club is always planning fun, new activities and adventures, and welcome suggestions. We hope to see you there! New membership forms will be available. You cannot get a better deal in the Quad Cities as club membership is only $10.00 for a three year term! Couples are $15.00. Taking one trip, or attending an event can help you earn the fee back in the discount members receive! It’s a win-win situation.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the registration form found on another page of this website and send it to the address provided below, along with a self-addressed, STAMPED envelope, and your check for $12.00. Registration deadline is Monday, June 12, so don’t procrastinate! (Ants are not included.)

Boston and Cape Cod, Thursday, June 15-Sunday, June 25 ($2,465.00 pp, double occupancy) CANCELLED

Heads Up, Everyone!   This is one of my all time favorite trips that has become available through Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club! Imagine 10 days of travel on the East Coast, doing many sites and lots of scenery that will excite you and inspire you! A few of the highlights include a Tall Ships Luncheon Cruise (imagine the tallest of ships anchoring and bobbing in the Boston Harbor in the days of old), a tour of historic Boston, visit the Boston Tea Party Ships, see Fenway Park, tour Provincetown along Scenic Route 6A, visit Cape Cod’s National Seashore Visitor’s Center, a dune tour excursion, a sightseeing tour of Martha’s Vineyard, a visit to the Gettysburg Museum, and a tour of the actual Gettysburg Battlefield. All of these things, and many others, are included in our trip which goes from June 15 – 25, 2017! Although not listed specifically, there are 14 meals which are included on this trip!

Day 1: We head for Elyria, Ohio where we will spend the night.

Day 2:   Our first adventure is a visit to the famous Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House complex, in Albany, N.Y. The tour will introduce us to Wright’s innovative design concepts that define his Prairie-style ideal. We will tour the first floor rooms, the pergola, conservatory, and the carriage house, all while being guided by a certified docent. You will note the prime examples of Wright designed furniture, art glass, and light fixtures.

Day 3: Welcome to Boston! Enjoy lunch at the indescribable Quincy Market! You will feel the cobblestones beneath your feet while you see roaming performers, and have the opportunity to taste the wonderfully diverse ethnic foods available at every turn. There are over 100 shops, carts and artisans to offer treasures in Quincy Market. This is an experience you will never forget, and it’s FUN!

You’ll have time to visit Faneuil Hall, which has served as a meeting hall and a place where merchants have marketed their wares since 1742. A local guide will meet us for a Historic Driving Tour of Boston featuring parts of the Freedom Trail. Different sites will be pointed out along the Freedom Trail, as well as the Boston Commons and Public Gardens, the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the gold-domed State House.

Day 4: Our second day in Boston is dedicated to the Tall Ships! We will take a Tall Ships Cruise of the Boston Harbor aboard our spacious cruising vessel that has three climate controlled interior decks for your comfort.   All decks have panoramic views, or you can enjoy the topside, open-air deck! A sumptuous lunch will be served while viewing all the ships in the harbor. The afternoon continues with the exploration of the Tall Ships.

Day 5: The sandy shores of Cape Cod and Hyannis Port greet us today. We will be taking a guided tour of Hyannis and see the JFK Memorial and Hyannis Port. We will see the area where Joe Kennedy bought his summer home, and what is now known as the Kennedy Compound. We will visit St. Patrick’s Xavier Church, the place the Kennedy’s worship, and you might even sit in their family pew. Another special stop will be The Hyannis Armory where John F. Kennedy accepted the 35th presidential nomination, and made his acceptance speech. This is a unique way to actually experience history.

Day 6: Welcome to Cape Cod! Our local guide will take us on a full day of touring of all the places you’ve heard about, but maybe have not seen. We will travel historic Route 6A, the Old King’s Highway, a scenic road winding through centuries of Cape Cod history. We will pass hundreds of historic structures which characterize it’s early development. We will view the Eastham Windmill, Cape Cod Lighthouse, and visit the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor’s Center. Sand dunes and the ocean surround you as you approach “Land’s End” – Provincetown. We will then be at the extreme tip of Cape Cod and will see the beautiful, large, naturally formed Provincetown Harbor. There you will enjoy a wonderful variety of restaurants, shops and galleries that make this village so unique.

Day 7: Today we will be escorted to the Hy-Line Docks in Hyannis Harbor for ticketing and boarding of the high-speed ferry to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Upon arrival at Oak Bluffs Harbor you will board a coach for a sightseeing tour. You will learn about the history and lifestyles of the islanders as we pass through Vineyard Haven, and some of the villages. There will be free time for lunch and shopping in the historic whaling town of Edgartown. Complete your day on the island in Oak Bluffs. You may choose to stroll through “Cottage City” with it’s brightly painted cottages and decorative “gingerbread” trim.

Day 8: Today we will experience Sandwich Harbor, the oldest town on Cape Cod. You will see the Village Green, the Great Salt Marsh, a Cranberry Bog, and Cape Cod Bay. Sandwich became the site of one of America’s largest glass factories, and this quaint and quiet seaside community is the hometown of Thornton Burgess, naturalist and author of 170 children’s books. We will stop at the Cape Cod Canal Visitor’s Center where you will spot a retired 41 foot US Army Corps of Engineers patrol boat, a theater, canal critters, canal wildflowers, real time radar, camera images and rocking chairs on an observation deck. You will have free time for lunch.

Day 9: We have all heard about Gettysburg, and maybe most of you remember more about what you learned in school than I have, but it wasn’t until I actually saw and experienced the battlefields at Gettysburg that I truly “felt” it! What an amazing experience to actually see America’s Hallowed Ground when we stop at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center. This is where 51.000 Americans became casualties as they fought for their beliefs, displaying amazing acts of strength and bravery. You can actually walk in the footsteps of these soldiers and leaders and believe me, you will understand Gettysburg’s important place in our nation’s history. You will see a film about the area and have a two hour guided tour through the battlefield where a guide will tell you all about the three-day battle.

Day 10: After spending the night in Dayton, Ohio, we head for home, with rest stops and breaks along the way.

To make reservations for this fantastic trip, call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440. The cost per person is $2465.00 double occupancy.

Other rates are available. Fourteen meals are included, as previously mentioned.

*Hamilton; an American Musical, PrivateBank Theatre, Chicago, IL, Wednesday, June 18  ($191.00 with membership discount) SOLD OUT

Plus 60, in conjunction with Trailways Travel, is hereby giving you the chance to see the critically acclaimed, much-to-do-about- everything musical/history story, HAMILTON!!! We will board our coach on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 for the carefree trip to the PrivateBank Theatre in Chicago, for a show of a lifetime.

HAMILTON is the story of America’s Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies. He later became George Washington’s right hand man during the Revolutionary War, and was the new nation’s first Treasury Secretary.   Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and Broadway, HAMILTON is the story of America then, told by America now.

Reservations may be made by calling Trailways at 1-877-822-4440.

The cost is $195.00 per ticket, with a $4.00 discount for Plus 60 members.

Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tour, Monday, June 26-Wednesday, July 5 ($2,995 single, other prices available) SOLD OUT

“Take me out to the ballgame” followed by “Take me out to the park” are hardly the right words for this event!   Can you really even comprehend TEN games in TEN days at TEN parks??   I cannot, but that and other attractions are what is on the agenda with Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club from June 26, 2017 to July 5, 2017. Imagine leaving the Quad Cities and heading out for a tour of the best ballparks in the country, and watching the best players (16 teams!) play “live”. Unattainable for most people, but not for us! This tour is designed for the true blue baseball fan. Think of your grandchildren and the opportunity to spend real time with them, not to mention the fact they will never forget this trip!

Breakfast is included each morning at the hotels which are named at the end of each day.

Day 1/Game 1: NY Yankees vs. the White Sox at the U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago. Holiday Inn Express in New Buffalo, MI.

Day 2/Game 2: KC Royals vs. Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Also visit the Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Hilton Garden Inn in Detroit, MI.

Day3/Game 3: Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. You will be treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet during the game! Enjoy a tour of the field, too. Embassy Suites, in Cleveland, OH.

Day4/Game 4: Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburg Pirates at PNC Park.

After the game we will enjoy a guided tour of Pittsburg. Wyndham Grand, Pittsburg, PA.

Day5/Game 5: Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ballpark.   After breakfast in Pittsburgh we will have a tour of PNC Park, and then depart for Cincinnati. Lodging will be in Louisville, KY.

Day 6/Game 6: Washington Nationals vs. St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. We will be taking a tour of the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and Museum. Hampton Inn, Collinsville, IL.

Day 7/Game 7: Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. Lodging will be in Des Moines, IA.

Day 8/Game 8: Los Angeles Angels vs. Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Shopping at the Mall of America, ladies!   Holiday Inn, East St. Paul, MN.

Day 9/Game 9: Baltimore Orioles vs. Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. We will be celebrating the 4th of July with a tailgate party at Miller Park!   Holiday Inn/Suites at O’Hare Airport.

Day 10/Game 10: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. What a way and place to end our tour! We will depart for home immediately following the game.

How exciting to be able to see the 2016 World Champions (the Cubs, of course) play TWICE??? How exciting to see all of the other teams in action, too? This is definitely the trip for all of you baseball fans, diehard or otherwise.

Please call Trailways Travel a 1-877-822-4440 and make your reservations now. The cost starts at $2,995.00 per person, single.

There are several other decreasing prices, based on hotel occupancy.

Do not miss out on this trip of a lifetime!   PLAY BALL!

*Back to the 50s! Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkinson, WI Thursday, June 29 ($146.00 for members, $150 for non-members) SOLD OUT

Sometimes I wonder what it really would be like to go back to the 50s and immerse myself into the wonderful musical culture of all times. Who knows if it would change our lives, but there is one thing for sure, we all can go back to the 50’s with this wonderful trip presented to you by Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club. On Thursday, June 29, 2017 you will have a chance to join us as we travel to the Fireside Theatre in Fort Atkinson, WI. for a wonderful lunch and afternoon of pure musical pleasure.

Your lunch includes a signature salad consisting of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, strawberries and oranges over garden greens sprinkled with sesame croutons and Fireside’s famous Papaya Chutney Dressing. Freshly baked artisan breads accompany the salad. The main entree is Bird and Beef! A mouth watering braised beef short rib is served with Chicken Monterey, a skinless chicken breast, dipped in egg and covered with panko crumbs and then sauteed to a golden brown. It is then topped with a blend of spinach, artichoke, Parmesan, Monterey Jack, and cream cheese, finished with Jarlsberg Swiss cheese and presented on an Irish mustard sauce.

All of this is served with Cipollini onions, whipped potatoes with garlic and herbed cheese, and sauteed Brussel sprouts with bacon.

Dessert is a pecan turtle ball sundae like you have never experienced: Homemade vanilla bean ice cream rolled in pecans, served on chocolate sauce and striped with caramel, and then garnished with an almond lace wand that is dipped in chocolate!

After enjoying the cuisine there will be time to explore the gift shop at Fireside before we are rolled into the theatre for our afternoon performance.

“Come with us as we pay tribute to the most exciting musical decade of them all! The decade that brought us TV dinners, hula hoops, quiz show scandals, talk show legends, and the birth of rock and roll.

Continuing the tradition of the Fireside’s wildly popular band shows, BACK TO THE 50s will thrill and delight audiences of all ages. The Fireside Band, featuring Steve Watts, will bring you the music and the fun from such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Patsy Cline, Nat King Cole, Ricky Nelson, Johnny Mathis, the Everly Brothers, and much, much more!”

Call Trailways Travel during normal business hours, Monday through Friday at 1-877-822-4440 and make your reservation soon.

The cost of this special afternoon is $150.00 per person, with a $4.00 discount if you are a Plus 60 Club member. The deadline for the final payment is May 15, 2017.

*Tribute To Roy Orbison, Monday, July 10,Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, IL ($98.00 with membership; $104.00 without)

There is not one of you reading this article that doesn’t know the words and tune to “Pretty Woman, walking down the street, Pretty Woman, the kind I’d like to meet…” That, of course, is one of Roy Orbison’s biggest hits ever, and you can share in the memories when you go with Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club on Monday, July 10, 2017 to Starved Rock Lodge!

Upon arrival in Utica, Illinois we will first delight in a filling and tasty lunch at the Starved Rock Lodge. For those who have traveled with us before, you know you will not be disappointed in the menu which includes a luncheon buffet. The specific menu is not currently available, but you know it will be delicious.

After lunch we will relive those wonderful days of the “good songs” presented by Randy Walker as he takes us down memory lane in a fabulous show that brings the magic of the “Big O” back to life. Walker, in a fast paced, one-man show, will present songs from Orbison’s early days at Sun Records in the mid 50s through his final album. Orbison died in 1988. You will also be amazed when you hear the four octave ability of Randy Walker. Remember “Crying” and “Love Hurts”? This will be a fantastic show, guaranteed to bring you an afternoon of delight.

The cost of this trip is $102.00 per person. Don’t forget to ask for your special discount of $4.00 if you are a Plus 60 Club member!

Call Trailways Travel during normal business hours, Monday-Friday at 1-877-822-4440 for your reservation today!

*Discover Alaska by Land and Cruise, Tuesday, July 4 – Sunday, July 16 ($8574.00) BASED ON AVAILABILITY

Celebrate the 4th of July 2017 in a unique way by going with the Plus 60 Club and Trailways Travel to Alaska, and the land and seas beyond. Alaska awaits with its awe inspiring vistas and experiences that is on everyone’s bucket list! The dates for this excursion are from July 4th to July 16. 2017, and includes 13 days, 25 meals, port charges, round trip air from Moline, air taxes, fees/surcharges, and hotel transfers. Cancellation waiver and insurance is available for purchase. Travelers will leave the Quad Cities on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 for our trip to Fairbanks. You will need a passport although 80% of our time will be spent within the United States proper.

Day 1: After arriving in Fairbanks we will travel to our hotel for a good night’s rest to prepare for our new adventures.

Day 2: (B.D) Step aboard an amazing day cruise on the popular Sternwheeler Discovery, an unforgettable journey showcasing Alaska’s diverse culture and rich history. We will stop along the way to meet people and get a taste of local life. Our next stop will be Denali National Park where we will enjoy the evening at the Music of Denali Dinner Theater. There we will hear about the first ascent of Mount McKinley.

Day 3: (B) This morning we will travel deep into Denali Park on the Tundra Wilderness Tour which affords the best opportunities to view the region’s wildlife. Denali is one of the top three reasons people visit Alaska. The rest of the day is your own.

Day 4: (B,D) This day brings gives us one of the highlights of the tour! After breakfast we head to the train station to begin an unforgettable journey to Anchorage. From our domed luxury rail-car you will view the incredible landscape from your glass enclosed car or the open-air observation platforms. We will have a local guide to provide us with many facts about the area; his knowledge and delivery is exceptional.

Day 5: (B,D) Begin our day with a scenic drive along the incredible Alaska Range. We will pass the amazing Turnaagain Arm, a deep glacial fjord, and arrive in the port of Whittier where we will board our Princess Cruise Ship to begin our 7-night floating resort experience. You will be dazzled by the nightly entertainment in the state-of-the-art lounges, and will be amazed at the myriad of dining options which will satisfy everyone’s individual tastes.

Day 6: All meals are provided while on board the ship. Today the ship cruises past the mammoth Hubbord Glacier, one of Alasks’s advancing glaciers. That means the glacier is actively headed for the sea where concerns about rising sea levels is an issue. The glacier is six miles wide and the face reaches upwards of 400 feet. This will be a camera-for-sure day as many photo ops will be available.

Day 7: Today we will cruise through Glacier Bay, a spectacular national park and preserve that is a treasure trove of tidewater glaciers and scenic coastal islands. Its rich world of marine life and large concentration of tidewater glaciers is Alaska at its best.

Day 8: Today we relive Alaska’s Gold Rush days as we cruise by Skagway, and the “Gateway to the Klondike” and home of the famed Chikoot Trail. In historic Skagway, Alaska’s past lives on in an   indescribable natural setting, and cries of “gold” can still be heard.

Day 9: Today we will be viewing the massive scenic mountains and historic buildings of Juneau, Alaska’s capital city. You will be able to take a whale watching tour, or visit the famous Mendenhall Glacier where many trails and wildlife abound. You will be within one mile of the most beautiful glaciers in existence, jutting magnificently out of the surrounding waters. The visitor’s center there is also exceptional.

Day 10: Our port of call today is Ketchikan, known as the “Salmon Capital of the World” and the “City of Totems”. Located on the tranquil Revillagigedo Island, Ketchikan is home to the world’s largest collection of totem poles.

Day 11: A wonderful day of sightseeing awaits as your ship sails along the amazing Inside Passage, an extensive stretch of land known for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife. You will be awestruck with the natural wonder of this day.

Day 12: (B)   Our cruise ends in the vibrant city of Vancouver. You may choose an optional city tour featuring Stanley Park, Chinatown and Gastown, home to the world-famous steam-powered clock, or simply enjoy this lovely city on your own. Later board your coach for the drive to the Seattle airport area for an overnight stay.

Day 13: Our tour ends today with our flight back to the Quad-Cities, but the memories and experiences we shared of the great frontier will remain with us for a long, long time.

There are MANY optional tours and ship accommodations available on this trip, so be sure to ask when you contact Marcia at Trailways Travel at (319)753-2864 ext.135. All Plus 60 members will get a discount of $50.00. Hope to see you on the Dog Sleds!

*All Aboard! – Train & Circus Museums, Baraboo, WI, Wednesday, July 19  ($118.00 for adult members, $122.00 without membership, $85.00 each for children) 10 OR FEWER SEATS AVAILABLE

For all of you train and circus aficionados, what more can you ask for than a fun filled day to Wisconsin to visit TWO museums filled with your favorite things – trains and the circus! This trip is ideal for entire families, and especially for grandparents wanting to share a very special day with their grandchildren! As you read this, remember the days of knowing what a circus is are quickly coming to an end. This is your opportunity to make sure your family has the memories.

Your Plus 60 Club and Trailways Travel is offering a one day trip to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum and then to Circus World in Wisconsin. The trip is leaving CASI in Davenport on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, and will return that evening.

Come experience the “Golden Age of Railroading” with a 7 mile round trip through rural Wisconsin aboard 1900-era vintage train cars. You’ll receive a guided tour of the Railway Museum and enjoy both indoor and outdoor displays of restored railway equipment. Browse the gift shop located in an 1894 depot!

Next is lunch at the Railroad Inn Cafe. It is the go-to eatery for visitors featuring a train-themed restaurant. Located in downtown North Freedom, WI, you will have a great lunch, and, for all the little conductors present, a choice of chicken strips or grilled cheese will be offered.

Baraboo, Wisconsin is our next stop for a tour of Circus World. This stop combines both the historical and the entertaining aspects of the Ringling Brothers Circus, so both young and old alike will love this stop. There is a museum chronicling both the Ringling Family and the circus itself, with tons of vintage art work and props displayed. There are also costumes, wagons and other memorabilia. You and your family will surely enjoy the live show under the Big Top Tent! The show includes jugglers, clowns, horses, elephants, dogs and aerialists. There are magic shows, as well as elephant and pony rides which are available for an additional fee. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your family to see both the trains and the circus!

Call Trailways Travel during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, at 1-877-822-4440 and make your reservations.

Remember school is out for the summer, and this will be a perfect day for everyone. The cost for adults is $122, and for children, $85.

Don’t forget to ask for your $4 discount if you are a Plus 60 member.

*Upper Michigan and Mackinac Island, Monday, July 24-Saturday, July 29 ($1,455 pp with membership, $1,475 without for double occupancy) SOLD OUT

SECOND TRIP ADDED: Monday, August 14 – Saturday, August 19, ($1,455 pp with membership, $1,475 without for double occupancy) SOLD OUT

From the huge response we get each year when offering this trip, Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club already know to have more clerks manning the phones to take your reservations! This time will be no different!   If you have never traveled to Mackinac Island, or experienced the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula, this trip must be put on your list. The experiences you will share with your friends will be talked about for a long time. Escape to the past on Mackinac Island where you won’t see a motorized vehicle in site, but you can rent a bicycle to take you around the island. This year’s trip begins on July 24, 2017, and runs through the 29th. There are 11 meals included, B, L, and D, and are outlined on the daily itinerary.

Day 1: (D) Travel to Grand Rapids, MI and enjoy admission to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Library where you can participate in activities such as “attending” a White House State Dinner, delivering a campaign speech, and experiencing a day in the Oval Office! How many of you can say you’ve done anything resembling that?   Not many, I’m sure. The opportunities abound here. There are also nationally acclaimed temporary exhibits that will delight and inspire you. After checking into our hotel, we will enjoy the included Italian Dinner.

Day 2: (B),(D) After breakfast we travel to Mackinac City where you will have free time to explore, have lunch, and shop at Mackinac Crossings. We will then cross the Might Mac Bridge and enjoy great views of Mackinac before traveling to Sault Ste. Marie for a guided tour of Michigan’s oldest city. This evening enjoy a delicious buffet dinner aboard a Soo Locks Tour Dinner cruise. You will be taken through the locks and under the International Bridge into Canadian waters. Return to the harbor via the historic Canadian Lock and cruise past St. Mary’s Rapids.

Day 3: (B),(L),(D) After breakfast we will depart for Paradise! Paradise, Michigan, that is. There we will explore the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum where you will learn about the perils of maritime transport on the Great Lakes. Then visit Tahquamenon State Park with a guided walking tour of the Upper Falls. Get an up close view of the Tahquamenon Falls, the second largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi! An amazing site to behold. We will then catch the ferry for Mackinac Island and dinner at the hotel. The evening is free to enjoy the pubs, shops and live music.

Day 4: (B),(L) After breakfast we will enjoy a 90 minute narrated carriage ride of the Island with stops at exciting places like Ft. Mackinac. After the tour, board a horse drawn taxi where you will be whisked away to the Grand Hotel for a sumptuous luncheon buffet. Afterwards, just relax on the 660 foot front porch, or check out the grounds and shops. Later the horse drawn taxi will return you to the downtown area for an afternoon free to do what you want. Do I hear the word “fudge” mentioned???

Day 5: (B),(D) After our delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel, we will take the ferry back to the mainland and travel to the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate. The 60 room mansion combines historic architecture, a diverse art collection, and breathtaking grounds. While at the mansion learn the history and private side of Henry Ford’s only son. After a short ride on the coach, arrive at our hotel for the evening and enjoy the included dinner. The evening is free.

Day 6:(B) After a filling breakfast we will depart for home with great memories of a summer Michigan adventure. A word to the wise – I hope you didn’t forget to buy some of Michigan’s famous cherry jams and/or salsa!

Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 during regular business hours from Monday to Friday to make your reservations now! The cost for this adventure, full of new learning experiences, and opportunities, is $1475.00 p.p. double occupancy. Other rates are available. Plus 60 Members receive a $20.00 p.p. discount. Having done this trip a couple of times, this author cannot say too much about this very enjoyable trip!

*Washington Nationals VS  Chicago Cubs, Friday, August 4 ($136.00 with membership, $140.00 without)

Heads Up, Baseball Fans!! I was totally surprised to learn there are a few seats left for this game at Wrigley Field, so consider this a Last Call for sure!

Trailsways Travel and your Plus 60 Club is taking you to Chicago on Friday, August 4, 2017 for a day full of baseball fun as the Washington Nationals take on the Chicago Cubs. You can be picked up in either Muscatine or Davenport for this event, just tell us where.

Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 and make your reservation. The cost is $140; don’t forget to ask for your $4 Plus 60 discount if you are a member.   Play Ball!

*Colorado Train Trip, Friday, August 4 – Sunday, August 13 ($2,819 with membership) SOLD OUT

Whether or not you’ve thought of running away and trying the life of a hobo, or maybe that of a train engineer, you now have your chance to experience a wonderful Colorado Train Adventure.

Traveling with Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club, we are offering an exciting trip while you ride the rails of Colorado from August 4 – 13, 2017. Ride the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway, take a ride aboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, visit the Colorado Railway Museum, and much, much more!

Day 1: (D)- We travel by luxury coach to Salina, KS where we overnight at the Country Inn & Suites. Dinner is included.

Day 2: (B,D)- After breakfast we travel to Colorado Springs where we will tour the Air Force Academy and all it’s architectural splendor. Tonight is a Welcome Dinner at a local restaurant. The Drury Inn is our home for two nights.

Day 3: (B,L,D)- Full from the included breakfast, today is devoted to areas around Colorado Springs. Begin with a ride aboard the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway that takes us to the very top of this famous landmark. You will experience a true “Rocky Mountain High” here, after which we will continue to the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. A sumptuous lunch with some time to shop follows. This afternoon we will tour the Garden of the Gods where you will experience an abundance of plant and animal life, as well as the famous red sand-stone rock formations. Western hospitality will abound this evening at a fun local restaurant.

Day 4: (B,L,D) After breakfast at the hotel we will depart to board the Royal Gorge Railroad. A true vintage train ride along the legendary Arkansas River, deep within the Gorge, will spellbound each of us. We will enjoy a homemade lunch at the historic rail town in Salida, and this afternoon we will visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Tonight we stay in Alamosa, at the Holiday Inn Express.

Day 5: CB,L) A continental breakfast awaits us before we continue to what is considered to be the finest remaining vast network of narrow gauge rail lines. These lines link together the Rocky Mountain Mining Camps- the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. This railroad has been called “the most awesomely spectacular example of mountain railroading in North America” by author Lucius Beebe.

We leave Antonito and head for Osler where we disembark and enjoy lunch. Meeting up with our coach again, we travel to the old mining town of Durango for a two-night stay at the BW Rio Grande.

Day 6: (B) – After breakfast at the hotel we travel to nearby Mesa Verde National Park for a day of explorations. You will be able to visit the cliff dwellings where the mysterious Anasazi once lived. These are the people known as the “ancient ones” to the Navajo. They lived in the Four Corner area almost a thousand years ago before suddenly disappearing. The fascinating thing is, they left behind their incredibly well preserved dwellings that continue to intrigue and challenge modern day man. This is our nation’s largest archaeological preserve with 4,000 sights, including 600 cliff dwellings. The Visitor Center will amaze, and a local expert will guide you through the most famous ruin sites with a stop at the Spruce Tree House Restaurant for lunch on your own. After touring the park, we will return to Durango with the rest of the day to explore the fun western town on your own.

Day 7: (B,D)- We depart Durango and take a ride on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, one of the last such railroads operating in the United States. We will wind our way through the Rockies between Durango and Silverton, seeing for ourselves the rugged peaks, the alpine meadows, and the crystal lakes. Upon arrival at Silverton enjoy free time to explore the many shops and have lunch on your own. We will meet up with our coach for a scenic drive north to Grand Junction. This evening we will see the fantastic monoliths of Colorado National Monument. Over the centuries, wind and water have carved sheer, walled canyons, spires, and gorges from the brilliant orange and red sandstone. We will spend the night at the Doubletree and enjoy the included dinner at the hotel.

Day 8: (B,D) – Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before departing through the Heart of the Rockies, enjoying the vistas of rugged canyons, pristine wilderness, and deep gorges. You can only imagine what our forefathers went through while transversing this country so many years ago. We will cross the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass before descending into the Mile High City of Denver. Before checking into the Embassy Suites, we will stop at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. The museum’s mission is to acquire, preserve, and exhibit railroad equipment, artifacts, and photographs emphasizing Rocky Mountain area railroads. Our farewell dinner is tonight.

Day 9: (B) – Have breakfast at the hotel before we depart Denver, saying goodbye to our Tour Manager. We will travel east across the plains of Colorado and Nebraska, with breaks on your own along the way. The night will be spent in Lincoln at the Country Inn & Suites; dinner in is on your own.

Day 10: (B) – Our last leg to home begins with breakfast at the hotel. You will arrive home tonight with refreshing breaks on your own along the way.

This trip sounds like a wonderful, relaxing, and educational adventure! Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 for your reservation and more information. Cost for a double is $2,854.00, BUT, if you are a Plus 60 member, you get a $35.00 discount, AND, there will be an additional $50.00 discount for everyone if you call right away!! This trip will fill quickly as the popularity of the “rail-riders” continually grows.

 *Iowa State Fair, Wednesday, August 16 ($61.00 with membership, $65.00 without)

Believe me, after sitting in traffic for an hour, and then trying to find a parking place, you will be convinced the only way to go to the Iowa State Fair is with Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club!   You can relax both going, and then coming home, if you travel with us on our trip Tuesday, August 16, 2017.

Nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair! From every imaginable kind of food-on-a-stick, zany events such as the “cow chip throwing contest”, 4-H exhibits, chainsaw artists, the Butter Cow, livestock shows, the Big Boar winner, photography exhibits, the Bill Riley Talent Sprouts, hundreds of vendor exhibits, rides, daily musical entertainment, and more, you will find that nothing really does compare to the Iowa State Fair!

Internationally acclaimed, the fair is the single largest event in the state of Iowa, and is the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial exhibits in the country! More than a million people from all over the world are attracted to this event in Des Moines, Iowa where we celebrate and salute the state’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement. The fair is the true heartbeat of the Midwest, unequaled and unduplicated.

This year, for your convenience, Trailways has pick-up points in both Davenport and Walcott. Call them now at 877-822-4440 to make your reservation for this trip. The cost is $65 per person with a $4 discount if you are a Plus 60 member. Their offices are open Monday through Friday, during normal business hours.

Spectacular Scandinavia, August 17-August 30, ( $5949 per person for double, a single fare is $6999, and a triple is $5899). By booking early, before February 18, 2017, you will save $200 per person on the cost of the trip. BASED ON AVAILABILITY

You will never regret taking a tour to Scandinavia that includes 14 days, and 19 meals – 12 Breakfasts and 7 Dinners. Included is round-trip air from the Quad Cities, air taxes and fees, and hotel transfers. We leave August 17, 2017 and return on August 30, 2017.

Cancellation waiver and insurance is available.

Throughout this article you will be hearing about fjords. This author had no knowledge of what a fjord is, so we will learn together:   The evolution of fjords began three million years ago when Norway was covered with an ice cap that was thinner along the coast than inland. When the climate became milder, the ice melted, producing great waterfalls that dug into the soil and descended towards the sea. This created valleys that were then filled in by the ocean, forming the fjords. Surrounded by steep rocky mountains, dissected by cascading waterfalls, and decorated with fruit trees, the fjords are among Earth’s most inspiring landscapes. The air is pure, the water clear, and nature unspoiled.

Highlights of this amazing trip include Copenhagen, Vaxjo, the Swedish Glass Museum, Stockholm, the Vasa Ship Museum, a High Speed Train ride, Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum, Stave Church, the Flam Railway, Sognefjord, Briksdal Glacier, a Geirangerfjord Cruise trip, and Bergen.

An abbreviated itinerary follows. Call Trailways for an itemized pamphlet that will only whet your appetite for a trip to remember!

Day 1: Flight from the Quad Cities to Scandinavia.

Day 2: (D) Tour begins in Copenhagen where you will explore this city dubbed the “gastro capital of Scandinavia”.   A Welcome Dinner is tonight.

Day 3: (B) A local expert will guide us through Copenhagen where we will see many sites, including the residence of the Danish Royal Family, the Royal Theater, the Little Mermaid Statue, and Denmark’s center of Parliament, known as Christianborg.   The afternoon is at leisure, with an optional lunch and visit to Frederiksborg Castle.

Day 4: (B) We cross the famous Oresund Bridge into Sweden, later traveling into the gateway of Sweden’s famous “glass kingdom”, home to the well known Kosta Bida brand. Discover glassblowing at its very finest.

Day 5: (B,D) Continue north to Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm, stopping en route to explore the Vasa Ship Museum and learn about its shocking maiden voyage where it sank within one nautical mile!

Perfectly preserved, this ship offers a rare glimpse into the amazing craftsmanship of the 17th century. The afternoon is free and tonight you will enjoy dinner in the old town of Fem Sma Hus.

Day 6: (B) Explore Stockholm at your leisure today. Discover its colorful architecture and sample its innovative cuisine. Optional tours are available.

Day 7: (B,D) All aboard the High Speed Train as we travel through Sweden’s picturesque countryside. Cross the Norwegian border into Oslo, one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Here you will find a vibrant cosmopolitan hub with an abundance of world class museums, restaurants and art.

Day 8: (B) Touring Oslo begins at the Viking Ship Museum, home of three ancient Viking ships. View the Royal Palace and city hall in quaint downtown. Later this afternoon enjoy time to relax or explore independently.

Day 9: (B,D) Depart Oslo and travel north to the majestic fjord region. Visit the Borgund Stave Church built in 1180, and is dedicated to the Apostle Andrew. After arriving in the quaint village of Flam you will embark on one of the world’s steepest train rides, the renowned Flam Railway! You will ascend 3,000 feet, passing mighty waterfalls, towering mountains and amazing valleys. Are you hooked yet? That tour alone sounds absolutely incredible!

Day 10: (B,D) This morning travel across the dramatic Sognefjord to the Briksdal Glacier, considered to be one of the most beautiful glaciers in Norway. Ascend the glacier in a traditional “troll” car before arriving in stunning Loen for a relaxing stay in the heart of Norway’s fjord region. Tonight the hotel’s chef will amaze you with an introduction to traditional Nordic cuisine prior to dinner.

Day 11: (B,D) Spend the day enchanted by the inspiring landscape of the fjord region of Norway. Journey to Geirangerm a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organization) World Heritage site, and embark on an exhilarating Geirangerfjord cruise, taking in some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Norway. Geirangerfjord is where you will find Norway’s mighty waterfalls: the Seven Sisters, the Bridal Veil and the Suitor..

Day 12: (B) Take in Norway’s most impressive landscapes en route to Bergen, known as  the gateway to the fjords. Bergen was founded with Viking roots and today is known for its old-world charm and scenic landscape.

Day 13: (B,D) Taking a guided walking tour of Bergen you will see the historical and iconic harbor front known as the Bryggen, another UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure and tonight join your fellow travelers for a farewell dinner.

Day 14: (B) Your amazing tour of Scandinavia ends with your flight home to the Quad Cities.

By booking early, before February 18, 2017, you will save $200 per person on the cost of the trip. A double fare now is $5949 per person, a single fare is $6999, and a triple is $5899.

Call Trailways Travel at 877-822-4440 and ask for Marcia Luers, your travel consultant.

*Guys On Ice, Old Creamery Theatre, Amana, IA, Thursday, August 17 ($99.00 for members, $103.00 for non-members)

If you are imagining guys in skinny tights skating around on a lake of ice, you will be disappointed; if you’re not, read on!

This great opportunity, planned at our favorite Amana Colony, and offered to you by Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club, will give you just about everything you could want in a very enjoyable day trip! For this event, on Thursday, August 17, 2017, we are offering you your choice of pick-up locations, either C.A.S.I. in Davenport, or in Walcott.   Our plans for the day include a wonderful meal, time to explore and shop in Amana, and experience a side-splitting show at the Old Creamery Theatre. It doesn’t get better than that for an easy afternoon.

Our first stop will be for a family-style lunch at the wildly popular Ox Yoke Inn. Enjoy a meal of fried chicken, smoked ham, assorted salads, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, sauerkraut, and an assortment of homemade breads. And, did I mention dessert? Their delicious apple pie will be waiting in the wings! You might be able to score some ice cream, too.

After lunch you will have free time for shopping and exploring the colony of Amana.   There is wine tasting, the bakery, the Clock and Furniture Shop, the smokehouse, the Woolen Mill, and several others in which your credit cards will be welcomed with open arms! Just don’t forget them.

The highlight of the afternoon will take place at the Old Creamery Theatre where we will be thrilled with the musical, Guys on Ice.   We will hear a tale of Midwest life with Lloyd and Marvin, two buddies who spend the day in their ice shanty sharing stories and laughs! As a musical you will love the hilarious songs like “The Wishing Hole”, “Ode to a Snowmobile Suit”, “Fish is the Miracle Food”, and of course, “The One That Got Away”. Guys on Ice has been performed all across the country to sell-out crowds.

Make your reservation now by calling Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440. The cost for this delightful afternoon is just $103.00 per person. If you are a Plus 60 Club member, be sure to ask for your discount of $4.00!

*Motown Review, Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, IL, Monday, August 21 ($98.00 for members, $104.00 for non-members)

Come along with Trailways Travel and your Plus 60 Club and enjoy a day of music where you will be totally entertained at the Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, Illinois. We leave one of many scheduled Iowa cities on Monday, August 21, 2017 and head for Starved Rock where you will partake in a delightful luncheon buffet. Immediately after lunch we will join Gregory James, a Milwaukee native, as he shares with us his soulful and distinct R&B singing style. You will be mesmerized as you tap your feet to all the familiar sounds. Gregory performs old school songs like no other in the tri-state area. This includes songs by Al Green, Wilson Pickette, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Manhattans, Marvin Gaye, The Spinners, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Don’t miss out on a great day with friends to celebrate the end of summer! Make your reservation right away by calling Trailways Travel at (877)822-4440 during regular business hours, Monday – Friday.   The cost is $102 pp, but if you are a Plus 60 member, ask for your $4.00 discount.

*Ballard’s Fishing Trip, Lake of the Woods, Baudette, MN, Sunday, August 27-Thursday, August 31 ($960 less $200 for early booking discount before May 1, 2017.)

If you’ve been looking for a fishing paradise, your search is over! The Lake of the Woods area is second to none in the Midwest, and you will enjoy every minute at Ballard’s Resort!

Ride with the Plus 60 Club and Trailways Travel in a deluxe motor-coach to the Lake of the Woods from August 27 – 31, 2017 for a chance of a lifetime to tell your own fish tale about the “one that got away”…. however, we do not provide any guaranteed listeners!

  • Lodge in comfortable, modern, three-bedroom cabins, complete with living room, two single beds per bedroom, bathroom, tv, and daily maid service.
  • Three days of guided walleye fishing from 8 to 5 P.M. aboard a 27 foot Sportcraft boat, complete with restroom facilities, and all angling equipment, rods, reels, bait, tackle, and ice. Fish processing is included.
  • All meals are provided, so you won’t go hungry. Breakfast is at 7A.M., lunch is a sack or shore lunch each day, and dinner is every evening from 7-9 P.M. You should bring your own cooler to store any beverages you will want for lunch and while fishing. These beverages can be brought with you, or purchased at Ballard’s.
  • With a beautiful waterfront view, enjoy the Lodge; your gathering place to sit and talk with friends. Close by is the full-service bar providing a complete list of beers, liquors, and non-alcoholic beverages.

You can take all your cleaned and processed fish home with you (in your own cooler), for a future dinner at home.

The tour does not include the $33.00 Minnesota Fishing License, but that can be purchased at Ballard’s. It also does not include lunch and dinner beverages, also available for purchase, nor does it include gratuities for guides, wait-staff and housekeeping while at Ballard’s.

What IS included is guaranteed fun, the ability to catch lots of fish, and to really bond with nature and the outdoors!

Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 and make your reservation today for this great trip. The cost is $960.00 per person, but a $200 early booking discount is available if you book before May 1, 2017. And, that is no fish tale!

*Footloose, the Musical, Old Creamery Theatre, Amana, IA, Thursday, September 14 ($99.00 with member discount, $103.00 without)

Want to go back to your more carefree days, and just let loose? Like in “FOOTLOOSE”??   When Trailways Travel told this Plus 60 member they are doing a trip to the Old Creamery Theatre in Amana, Iowa, to see a wonderful rendition of “Footloose”, I immediately put it on my calendar. I hope you do, too! Although seemingly far away, the date of September 14, 2017 will be here before we know it, and although we all have the tendency to put things off, this is one time you will want to have your reservation made well in advance.

I can easily remember the music to the song “Footloose”, and as it goes through my head, some of the other songs come to mind as well. Remember “Dancing in the Streets” , “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”, “Hold Out For A Hero”, and, of course, the Footloose love theme, “Almost Paradise”?   Ah, the memories, but more so, the urge to just get moving again! “One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory bursts onto the live stage with exhilarating results. When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren isn’t prepared for a local ban on dancing. To the rockin’ rhythm of it’s Oscar-nominated Top 40 score, and augmented with dynamic new songs for the stage musical, Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, while guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind”.   Are you feeling it yet?

That’s the show! I am so excited about it, I wrote about it first. However, the fact I did so does not at all detract from the fabulous lunch we will be having upon arrival at the popular Ox Yoke Inn in Amana. Enjoy a family style menu of fried chicken, oven baked steak in brown gravy, assorted salads, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, sauerkraut, and an assortment of homemade breads. Oh, and did I mention the cherry pie dessert? You will not be disappointed with this special menu!

After lunch, and before the show, you will be able to enjoy some free time shopping or exploring around the colony. Sample some wine at the winery, hit the bakery for your favorite treats, or visit one of the many other stores, like the woolen mill or the furniture and clock shop. There are boundless opportunities.

After our great day of musical pleasure, eating and exploring, we will head back to the Quad Cities with “Footloose” running through our heads. I can think of many worse things.

Reservations can be made by calling Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. The cost per reservation is $103.00 per person, with a $4.00 discount being available to all Plus 60 members! Call soon for this one!

*NASCAR – SPRINT CAR RACING, Chicagoland Speedway, Sunday, September 17 ($171.00 with member discount, $175.00 without)

Get out your calendar. Mark Sunday, September 17, 2017. You’ll be going to the Chicagoland Speedway for an unforgettable afternoon.

How many times have you wanted to go and see in person an actual NASCAR race? This is your opportunity to go with friends and new friends with Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club. And, as you’ll be driving with us, you won’t have to worry about traffic or parking.

What could be better?

I have an answer. Arriving at the Speedway in time for you to walk around the grandstands, check out the souvenir shops, games, food and drinks, and learn more about your favorite drivers, no matter who they are. I have a personal favorite, and may be available for a debate. NASCAR has been talking about making some changes to some rules, and you may be able to find out about them now!

There are many pick-up towns available for this trip, so call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 to choose yours! Call during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. The cost for this great afternoon is $175.00 per person with a $4.00 discount available for Plus 60 members. Travel insurance is available. This is one of those bucket list chances, so call now.

*Bridges of Madison County and John Wayne Museum, Winterset, IA, Wednesday, September 20 ($136.00 with membership, $140.00 without)

Sorry, Clint Eastwood and Meryl Steep won’t be there to re-create the bathtub scene for us, but you, too, can see and experience the Bridges of Madison County. This trip will be liked by both guys and gals. Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club are going from Davenport to Madison County to see not only the Bridges, but also to visit John Wayne’s Birthplace and Museum.

The coach will leave from C.A.S.I. On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, and head towards Winterset, Iowa where we will take in the bridges and its historic complex, and then the home and museum of John Wayne. We will have a step-on guide who will give us a tour of the Bridges of Madison County before we enjoy a private, catered lunch on the famous and historic covered Roseman Bridge. That experience alone will make the trip for you. However, there’s more:

After lunch we will travel to the Madison County Historical Complex. Enjoy exploring the 14 buildings located on many picturesque acres south of town. The complex represents a lasting record of a way of life of the people of Madison County, Iowa. You will be able to see over 12,000 artifacts, military memorabilia, extensive rock and fossil collections, a quilt and textile room, and a large farm equipment collection in the McKee Ag Center.

Before heading off on our next adventure, we will have free time on the square of downtown Winterset. You will be able to shop all of the quaint shops or explore at your leisure. There is also a Quilt Museum you may wish to visit for a nominal fee.

Next we will venture to John Wayne’s Birthplace & Museum. More than a million visitors have journeyed to this place in order to see the largest diversified exhibit of John Wayne artifacts in existence.   The museum includes original movie posters, film wardrobe, scripts, contracts, artwork, and even one of his last customized automobiles.

You will be sure to think “I remember that!” when recognizing something from one of the “Duke’s” movies.

After our fun-filled day of adventures, you might think we were done. But no, we are in for one more treat! Before heading home, we will stop by the St. Paul Lutheran Church to enjoy a relaxing, home cooked dinner, prepared just for us by the ladies of the church.

Fully satiated, we will then board our coach for the trip home.

For your reservation you will need to call Trailways Travel during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, at 1-877-822-4440.

The cost of the trip, including two meals, is $140. As always, Plus 60 members should ask for their discount of $4.00.

*Cranberry Festival, Warrens, Wisconsin, Friday, September 22 ($85.00 for members, $89.00 for non-members) BASED ON AVAILABILITY

My first visit to Warrens, Wisconsin and the annual Cranberry Festival was a long time ago. Not 44 years ago, but a long time ago.

Since that time I have gone back several times, and not once have I regretted it- except maybe last year when the friend I took with me had a broken wrist and was in pain. We still had fun, but I felt compelled to carry some of her packages, and that of course, limited my own buying capabilities. Not so this year!   Everyone is well and looking forward to Friday, September 22, 2017 when Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club are heading for the shopping mecca of Wisconsin for the 45th Annual Cranberry Festival. To last that long, it has to be a great event!

Although Cranberry Festival can be a little misleading, I will tell you it is NOT marshes and marshes of cranberries that you mush your way through, picking out the best berries like you would blueberries. What it is, is a celebration of cranberries in general, where you can visit an active bog if you wish, for a $6.00 guided Marsh tour, or you can eat and buy cranberry jam, ice cream, cream puffs, jerky, cheese, and about a hundred other items. Who knew that cranberry tacos would be so tasty? Fresh and dried cranberries are hugely available!

The main thrill of the Warrens Cranberry Festival is for the true, die-hard shopaholic. Yes, I qualify for this one! Picture in your mind walking up and down the streets of Warrens, past 850 arts and crafts booths, 350 flea market booths, a variety of contests, 100 farm market vendors, many, many food court locations, and one of the largest marching band parades in Wisconsin! This is a true shopper’s paradise. And what makes it even better is there are so many truly unique items. It is not all “seen that” before.

In case you are wondering, Trailways goes way beyond in helping us rid ourselves of purchases during the day. Our driver will show us where our coach is parked, and will be available many times for dropping things off…….all so we can go and buy more, of course! We have plenty of room to store larger items, too.   Just remember to NOT out-buy your car size! Seen that – done that!

By past personal experience, this trip always sells out. I would recommend calling Trailways Travel right away at 1-877-822-4440 during regular business hours on Monday through Friday.   The cost of this shopper’s extravaganza is just $89.00 per person with a $4.00 discount if you are a Plus 60 member. Call now!

*A Quilter’s Escape! Hamilton, MO, Friday, September 29 – Saturday, September 30 ($228.00 for members, $235.00 for non-members)

Before you think “ho hum”, let me be the first to tell you this is NOT your typical quilt outing! All quiltbees (my word) or quilt wannabees will be thrilled to learn that Plus 60 and Trailways Travels is offering an opportunity of a lifetime for you and your friends to visit Hamilton, MO. and the Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC)! We are leaving from one of several locations for a two day extravaganza you will never regret, or forget! The dates of this over-nighter are September 29 and 30, 2017.

This quilter’s paradise attracts customers from both near and far. You will be amazed at the size of this well-known company which sells everything from beautiful designer yard goods, to needles and bobbins. Bringing your quilting dreams to life, you will find inspiration, encouragement and education as you go from shop to shop at their 12 themed quilt shops! There’s even a Man’s Land- perhaps for a traveling companion, and a Sewing Center for retreats and events. The brand new Main Shop is a hub focused on education. I have no doubt when you leave there you will feel empowered to tackle any project you may have previously thought impossible.

Upon arrival you will enjoy a boxed lunch from Mama Hawk’s Bakery. Afterwards you will have free time to enjoy the town and all of the Missouri Star shops and boutiques. All of the shops are based on a theme to make your shopping experience that much more enjoyable. After you’ve had your “quilter’s fix” we will head to the hotel where you can refresh before going to the Golden Corral for dinner.

After breakfast the following morning we will head for the Maple’s Repertory Theater for their Quilter’s Event! This is your chance to meet YouTube quilting expert, Jenny Doon! You may know her as the smiling face behind the chicken that quacks, or not. Regardless, Jenny stitches together simplified quilts full of love, joy, and laughter in her tutorials. Combining her passion for teaching, and with her experience as a former costume designer, YouTube videos became the perfect way for her to share her knowledge and skills throughout the world. I have to admit to saving all the tutorials I get from MSQC to a folder on my computer for future reference.

Jenny’s trunk show is two fantastic hours of fun!   You’ll laugh along with her humorous stories, and you might even shed a few tears. Get ready to hear the story of who got her started in quilting, how the MSQC came to be, and the impact this incredible phenomenon has had on her life. At this special lecture and signing, you will learn quick and easy quilting tips; she will also share techniques to make 20 of her favorite quilts.   She will show us that by using pre-cut fabrics makes our quilts come together so much quicker and easier. After the trunk show you may want to stick around for a meet and greet as Jenny will be signing copies of Block Magazine.

After we leave MSQC we will enjoy some lunch before taking in “Quilters – The Musical” . “Quilters” is a musical celebrating the struggles and the triumphs of seven American Pioneer women. Each woman stitches the stories they want to be remembered into a quilt square that, when joined with many others, will communicate to the world of what it was like in frontier life. This is a beautiful, moving tribute that all of us will enjoy!

You should make your reservation right away for this wonderful getaway! There are hundreds of diehard quilters in this area, and the seats will sell quickly. One thing I have learned is ALWAYS put your name on a waiting list because Trailways is glad to send more than one bus if the interest is there! The cost for this trip is $235 pp. double occupancy. Other prices are available for singles, triples, and quads. AND, if you are a Plus 60 member, you will get a $7.00 discount, so be sure and ask for it.

Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, and sign up now! Think of all the aggravation you will save by traveling with us! Think of all the stuff you can buy and store under the coach for the ride home, too.

*Classic Italy By Rail, Monday, October 2 – Wednesday, October 11, Mayflower Tours ($4,699.00)

Ciao, my friends! If you make this decision now, in just a few short months you can be on your way to a fantastic 10-day trip to Italia! This itinerary is so full of new, fun, informative and exciting things to do, you will never forget your time in the country shaped like a boot.

Trailways Travel and your Plus 60 Club will be joining up with well-known Mayflower Tours for this unforgettable tour of Italy. To whet all of your appetites,

Day 1: Depart the US on your overnight flight to Venice.

Day 2: Your Mayflower tour rep will escort you to the canal boat for the transfer to your hotel. Flights should arrive by 3 P.M. The remainder of the afternoon is at leisure until the included welcome dinner. (D)

Day 3: Venice is the “Jewel of the Mediterranean”, a glorious cityscape with an artistic and musical heritage. The city itself boasts a marvel of engineering feats, built on 118 small islands crossed by its world-famous canals. Imagine a pair of lovers floating beneath graceful bridges in a Venetian gondola. Your guide will help you navigate the picturesque alleyways and cross bridges over the gondola filled canals. See the soaring domes of St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doges Palace, and Bridge of Sighs, among many other sights. During the afternoon at leisure, sip coffee in a small cafe, shop in the boutiques and watch artists at work. Note: There are exquisite lace shops where you can purchase handmade items of all kinds. (B)

Day 4: This morning, depart Venice and take the high-speed train to Florence. You will see the hill towns, lush vineyards and beautiful wineries pass by. Upon arrival, walk in the footsteps of great rulers, artists and philosophers as you explore Florence. The city is steeped in the achievements of great minds who found inspiration here. A visit to the famous Accademia Gallery is included where you’ll get an up-close view of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David, the world’s most famous sculpture. After the tour enjoy free time shopping for Italian leather goods, art and crystal as lovely reminders of your time in Italy. This afternoon we continue on to Montecatini, our home for the next 3 nights. (B),(D)

Day 5: After breakfast enjoy an included excursion to Siena, known for its fine cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, a horse race held twice a year in the Piazza del Campo. Our guide will walk with us through this beautiful Tuscan town, pointing out the many, many historical sites. Be sure to enjoy some gelato and panforte, a cake made with honey and candied fruit. You will have time for lunch on your own and shopping for local specialities before returning to Montecatini this evening. (B)

Day 6: Depart on the included excursion to Pisa, best known for the bell tower of the cathedral, the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. Our guide will explain the history of this beautiful town as you walk around the Piazza dei Miracili and see the architecture and walls of this medieval city. The afternoon is at leisure back in Montecatini. It is here you can visit one of the spas with the curative water and healing springs the town is known for. (B)

Day 7: We return to Florence by coach and board a high-speed train for the journey to Rome. With a history spanning more than 2500 years, Rome offers a breathtaking overview of the highlights of Western civilization. From the Coliseum to the Sistine Chapel to Vatican City, this bustling metropolis invites you to imagine life centuries ago. You will tour the city and have a guided visit to the Coliseum. Built between 70-80 AD, the Coliseum is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. (B)

Day 8: This morning we will enjoy a guided visit to the spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Church, and the smallest independent state in the world, Vatican City. At the museums you will walk through the halls containing some of the world’s most priceless treasures. The highlight of the visit may be the Sistine Chapel which houses the single most impressive work of art by Michelangelo. During the visit to St. Peter’s Basilica experience the magnificence of Bernini, Michelangelo, and other great artists. This afternoon and evening is yours to enjoy on your own. (B)

Day 9: Your last day in Rome is yours to enjoy as you wish. This evening join your tour manager and your fellow travelers for a farewell dinner at the hotel. (B),(D)

Day 10: As you depart Italy you’ll be filled with memories of Renaissance art and architecture, rolling hills and vineyards, and all the glory of the Roman Empire. Your suitcase may also be filled – with shoes, and purses, and jackets – who knows? (B) There are different prices available for this trip. Double occupancy is $4699.

World On A String: Frank Sinatra, Jacob Henry Mansion Estate, Joliet, IL, Wednesday, October 4 ($136.00 pp for members, $140 for nonmembers)

This trip will allow you, too, to have the world on a string, when you join Trailways Travel and The Plus 60 Club for a wonderful afternoon of professional interpretation of Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) himself! We will be departing the Quad Cities on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, and traveling to the famous Jacob Henry Mansion Estate in Joliet, Illinois. There you will experience a one-of-a-kind show with Chicago’s #1 entertainer, Nick Pontarelli.

You’ll be welcomed to Joliet with a self guided tour of the Jacob Henry Mansion. The mansion is a Historical City, State and National Landmark, featuring over 40 rooms with a delightful blend of past and present. This award winning mansion, built in 1873, is known for its original beauty and old fashioned Victorian charm.   It is claimed to be the largest example of Renaissance Revival still standing in the state of Illinois!

You will further enjoy the Mansion’s ambiance when you delight in a catered lunch before the show! The lunch menu consists of savory and tender beef pot roast, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, and steamed vegetables. You will also be served a fresh garden salad, warm rolls with whipped butter, and a dessert of warm apple pie a la mode. Coffee, tea and a cash bar are also available.

After lunch, Nick Pontarelli has put together a fantastic show featuring the songs and sounds of Frank Sinatra himself. Sip a martini and enjoy classic tunes and stories that are sure to have you singing and dancing the afternoon away!   Do be do be do…

The cost of this trip is $140.00 per person. A discount of $4.00 p.p. is available for all Plus 60 members. It is anticipated this trip will sell out quickly, so please make your reservations soon in order to not be disappointed.   Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. And then you can say, “I did it my way!”

*It’s Country Fair Time in Galena, Galena, IL, Sunday, October 8 ($60.00 for members, $64.00 for non-members)

It’s not often we have the opportunity to go to an event where they have on display at least 150 original homemade artisan and craftspeople who are INVITED to show their wares for us to browse and buy! These vendors come from across the country, and because they are invited, the quality and uniqueness is unrivaled. The Country Fair at Galena, Illinois, held at Grant Park, is a Columbus Day weekend tradition. Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club is offering a trip on Sunday, October 8, 2017 to those of you wishing a no-hassle way of traveling, parking and then shopping.

Front and center to delight you are lots of favorite fair foods including caramel apples, homemade French fries, funnel cakes, fudge, and much more. Live bands and traditional Irish dancing will be on the schedule, as is a farmer’s market where you may want to take home locally made maple syrup and honey. Home grown apples, pumpkins, and gourds will also be displayed, along with many other local items.

A highlight of the fair is when some of the best bakers from Jo Davies County come together and put on one of the largest bake sales in the whole area! Homemade breads, pies, cakes, cookies and other pastries will be temptation at its best!

Downtown Galena, with all of the shops and stores, is only a short walk away, across the pedestrian bridge. If you wish to wander over and explore, you will also find many restaurant options for a sit-down style lunch. There you will get your second wind for the afternoon.

Make your reservations quickly by calling Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 during regular business hours on Monday through Friday. The cost for this fun day is only $64 per person. Ask for your $4.00 discount if you are a Plus 60 member! Grab a friend and sign up now.

*A Tribute to Patsy Cline, Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, IL, Monday, October 16 (98.00 with membership, $102.00 without)

You absolutely should not miss this special tribute to one of country music’s most beloved singers! Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club is offering you an opportunity to go to Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, Illinois on Monday, October 16. 2017 to hear Mary Pfeifer as she pays homage to the great Patsy Cline. Mary has a voice that will take you back to the days of Patsy Cline, covering her hits from 1955 until her untimely death in 1963.

Coming to Starved Rock Lodge from her recent role as Patsy Cline in the Engle Lane Theater production of “Always Patsy Cline”, the talented Mary Pfeifer will perform hits and ballads we all know and love. You will hear “Crazy”. “Walking After Midnight”, “Always”, “Sweet Dreams”, “I Fall To Pieces”, and many others.

Your Trailways Coach will depart one of several boarding locations and head for Utica on the morning of October 16th. Once there we will enjoy a fantastic luncheon buffet , with dessert served during the show’s intermission.

Don’t miss this great opportunity for an inspired afternoon of wonderful country music! Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 during normal business hours, Monday – Friday and make your reservations today. The cost is $102 per person. You get a $4 discount if you are a Plus 60 member, so don’t forget to ask for it.

*Rise Up, O Men! Church Basement Ladies, Old Creamery Theatre, Amana, IA., Thursday, October 26 ($99.00 with membership, $104.00 without)

Exciting news, Readers! The latest addition to the Church Basement Ladies Series, Rise Up, O Men, is now available for your pleasure!   You have all heard of their other famous plays, “Growing Up Lutheran”, “Away in The Basement” and “A Might Fortress is Our Basement”, among others. Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club has selected Thursday, October 26, 2017 to take you to the Amana Colony and to the Old Creamery Theatre for this hilarious presentation of their latest hit, sure to tickle you silly.

Lunch will be at the Ox Yoke Inn where you will be served family-style. The menu consists of their famous fried chicken, roast beef, two salads, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, sauerkraut, and a selection of breads. If you still have room for dessert, apple pie will be waiting. Your choice of coffee, tea, soda or milk is available for a beverage.

After lunch you will have some time to check out the shops in the Amana Colony before the show. There is the bakery, wine-tasting, furniture and clock shop, and a myriad of other places to shop.

About the show: This latest addition to the Church Basement Ladies series, Rise Up, O Men, is a brand new musical comedy introducing the men of the church right alongside your favorite ladies from the basement. As these hard-working farmers discuss “man stuff”, they unintentionally disrupt the order of the kitchen. But that’s what happens when you let the rooster in the hen house! (Isn’t that the truth?) Will you have fun at this show? You betcha!

Call Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 and make your reservation now. Their office is open Monday – Friday, during normal business hours. The cost of this trip and lunch is $103 with a $4.00 discount if you are a Plus 60 member. And, if you are not, you can join for only $10 for a three year membership!

*School of Rock – The Musical, Historic Cadillac Palace Theatre, Chicago, IL , Thursday, November 2 ($155.00 with membership, $159.00 without)

A great day trip is planned to Chicago where you will be treated to a wonderful luncheon as well as an afternoon comprised of music from a hilarious hit film!

Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club have set aside Thursday, November 2, 2017 to whisk you away to the Windy City where your first stop will be the famous Walnut Room in downtown Chicago.

When I heard about this trip I was immediately transported back to when I was a small girl and my grandmother took my sister and I there for afternoon “tea”. We would shop in Macy’s for school clothes and if my sister and I were good, we would get a real treat – usually a fancy-cut sandwich and ice cream. The Walnut Room has always been known as the finest restaurant ever to have opened in a department store. It consists of 17,000 square feet, and built with Circassion wood paneling imported from Russia. The lighting is made up of sparkling Australian chandeliers. While totally elegant, it is also very comfortable, and you will not be disappointed or intimidated with the experience.

After lunch we’ll go to the Historic Cadillac Palace Theatre where we will be treated to School of Rock – The Musical. This is a New York Times Critics’ Pick, and “an inspiring jolt of energy, joy and mad skillz” (Entertainment Weekly). Based on the hit film, the hilarious new musical follows Dewey Finn, a wannabe rock star posing as a substitute teacher who turns a whole classroom of straight A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slopping, mind blowing rock band! This smash hit features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, and all the original songs from the movie and theater’s first-ever kid’s rock band, all played live on the stage. This is a limited time production and I cannot stress enough the importance of making your reservations right away.

You can do that by calling Trailways Travel, Monday – Friday during normal office hours, at 1-877-822-4440. The cost of this day of entertainment is $159 per person, but don’t forget to ask for your discount of $4.00 if you are a Plus 60 member!

*Nightclubbing in the Afternoon, Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, IL, Monday, November 6 ($98.00 for members, $102.00 for non-members)

Imagine yourself in a famous nightclub, being entertained beyond your wildest dreams…. can you picture it? We all can, and will, if you decide to join Trailways Travel and the Plus 60 Club as we motor to Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, Illinois on Monday, November 6, 2017. Upon arriving at Starved Rock you will enjoy a luscious buffet luncheon, with dessert, before seeing the show.

Be one of the first to see this brand new offering which features two fabulous entertainers, Mike Williamson and Patte Armato Lund. They will present a salute to the songs of many famous night club performers. Enjoy the music of Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Tony Bennett, Barry Manilow, Andy Williams, and many more. And, as an added bonus, keyboardist Rob Rub will conclude your afternoon with a comedic salute to Rodney Dangerfield!

The price for this delightful afternoon of entertainment is only $102 p.p.. If you are a Plus 60 member be sure to ask for your discount of $4.00. You can make your reservation now by calling Trailways Travel at 1-877-822-4440 during normal business hours, Monday – Friday. Call now and take a friend!
























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